Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2 2010 AC Milan Vs Montreal Impact at the Big O

This video clip is to show the love of soccer in Montreal. When you look at this clip, you will see that my facts of Montreal being more then just a hockey town have been proven! The Montreal Olympic Stadium has shackn as 47,000 plus fans cheered on the class act Ronaldinho!! Ronaldinho is one heck of an athlete. It sure was a nice experience for Mnr Productions to see him live! If you were less fortunate and not able to go to the Big O, when you see this clip it is some what you missed. Please keep in mind you need to go to a soccer game to witness it for yourself, the best place to go see a soccer game would be anywhere in Europe. I guess the closest we have ever gone to get the soccer feel would be to this game…