Sunday, September 6, 2015

MnRTV Live Show Wed - September 9, 2015 @ 730 Est- Special Guest- Donald Jeffries -Presidential Conspiracies & Nwo Cover ups

This Wed night on MnRTV Live Show we have Donald Jeffries as we discuss with him -Presidential Conspiracies & Nwo Cover ups. Is the President of the united states the top man in charge or does he answer to a higher power. Does he do what he is told or if he does not he ends up like JFK? What goes on at the top? We will look into this and also into The JFK conspiracies and much more. Donald Jeffries has been researching the JFK assassination since the mid-1970s, when he was a teenage volunteer for Mark Lane's Citizens Committee of Inquiry. He is very active on all the JFK assassination forums, and has been a moderator on the London Spartacus Education Forum for several years. Here is his website Our website is Youtube link will be up 15 min before the show. Join us this Wed night on MnRTV Live Show The link for the show will be up 15 minutes before the show! Tune in this Wednesday if you can at 7:30pm Eastern time, that’s 4:30pm Pacific for another MnRTV live show also feel free to have your say on the chat. We now have a Question Period and please feel free to send and questions that you may have to Mario or Robert at this email address
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