Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Nascar Racing Festival on Crescent Street

MnR Productions at the Montreal Nascar August 19 2011.

Hype Energy drinks but these women give me the energy!!

Mario at the Montreal Nascar August 19 2011.

Mario the the Hype Energy drink women!

Mario and the ford babes

Mario the the tall beautiful CJAD 800 chick!

Mario with Stephanie the bud babe!

Mario and the bud girls!!

Mario and the 2 beautiful ARI women!

Mario and Robert with the bud girls!

Mario and the beautiful Laurence!!

Nick at the Montreal Nascar August 19 2011.

Nick and the ARI babes!!

Nick with Stephanie the beautiful bud girl!

Nick and the CJAD 800 babe!

Robert at the Montreal Nascar August 19 2011.

Robert and the Hype Energy Drink babes!!

Robert and his love, the Ford babe!!

Robert with the tall beautiful CJAD girl!

Robert with Stephanie the Bud girl!

Robert and the ARI babes!

Robert and Laurence!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Montreal Grand Prix F1 2011

The F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2011 in a nutshell video clip!

Mario at the Montreal Grand Prix June 10 2011

Looking at MnR Productions video clips on the Iphone!!

Now that hype looks great.

Can I have that hype please?

These girls are wild!

Now that's a cool chair!!

The Kamouraska Vodka girls and I!

These LG women must be talking about MnR Productions!

I told these women I wanted to hold them instead of the bottles lol

The beautiful nurses!!

The virgin girls!!

I almost put my arm around her, had I done that I would have touched her breast.... In other words I could have gotten slapped out that day lol.

Getting ready for MnR Productions.....

Almost ready for MnR Productions!!