Sunday, March 22, 2015

MnRTV Live Show- Wed March 25, 2015 @ 730 Est - Special Guest A.K. Kuykendall "WHY" behind the slaying of John F. Kennedy

This Wed night on MnRTV Live Show we have special guest author A.K. Kuykendall as he talks about "WHY" behind the slaying of John F Kennedy Why? This one-word question is one that many of us first learn and continue to use throughout our lives. Why did our government cover up the fact that the German fighter pilot notoriously known as the Red Baron shot a UFO out of the sky over western France in 1917? Why has our government kept the truths concerning the 1947 Roswell UFO crash incident under lock and key? Why has our government put such enormous effort behind whitewashing details in the John F. Kennedy assassination? Why haven’t we heard any official details from our government on the immanent alien invasions' of 1942 and 1952? We have much to know and he has much to say on this topic. Also he will be discussing the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Here is our MnR blog Here is A.K. Kuykendall's website Youtube link will be available 15 min before the show! Tune in this Wednesday if you can at 7:30pm Eastern time, that’s 4:30pm Pacific for another MnRTV live show also feel free to have your say on the chat. We now have a Question Period and please feel free to send and questions that you may have to Mario or Robert at this email address
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