Friday, July 3, 2015

MnRTV Live Show Wed - July 8, 2015 @ 730 Est- Bigfoot An Interdimensional Being! Special Guest-Kewaunee Lapseritis

This Wednesday night we have special guest author and researcher Kewaunee Lapseritis as we investigate Bigfoot. Kewaunee Lapseritis has over 50 years of experience in dealing with Bigfoot. He has lived with them and knows them very well. He will soon go with them in a portal soon and see where they come from. Kewaunee is a crypto-anthropologist, not a crypto-zoologist. He elaborates on why they are humanoid beings and their purpose here, based on 32 years of interacting with the giants (and ETs) (out of the 55 years researching them). Kewaunee draws information from 187 witnesses who also experienced telepathic communication. Quantum physics describes the reality of mental telepathy, invisibility, inter-dimensional, and other PSI phenomena, and is actually juxtaposed with psychic Sasquatch and ET behavior. What is the connection with ETs. His websites are and Join is this Wed night at 730 est Youtube link will be up 15 min before the show! Tune in this Wednesday if you can at 7:30pm Eastern time, that’s 4:30pm Pacific for another MnRTV live show also feel free to have your say on the chat. We now have a Question Period and please feel free to send and questions that you may have to Mario or Robert at this email address
 The Pictures of the week: