Friday, February 26, 2016

MnRTV Live Show Wed - March 2 2016@ 730 est - Special guest Violet - More than a Human!

This Wed night in MnRTV Live Show we have as a special guest Violet- More than a Human. When Violet was 2 and half she had missing time people her family and friends were looking for her. She had gone missing and there and when she returned she did not know or her family what had happened. All her life she felt different and was not like others. Is she more then a human she feels perhaps she is. Was she abducted as a child. Was she part of an alien hybrid program before she was even born? Could she have alien DNA? She heals through her hands and has all type of odd things happen to her. A such incident is a man on Facebook who claims that he is behind her abductions! We will take a look into this and much more on the show. Join us this Wed night on MnRTV Live Show The link for the show will be up 15 minutes before the show! Tune in this Wednesday if you can at 7:30pm Eastern time, that’s 4:30pm Pacific for another MnRTV live show also feel free to have your say on the chat. We now have a Question Period and please feel free to send and questions that you may have to Mario or Robert at this email address #‎MnRTVliveshow‬ ‪#‎resistance‬