Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Montreal Protesting Law 101 in front of the O.L.F (Less talking more protesting)

The French is here to stay, now please lets keep both Allophones and Anglophones!!
By Mario L of MnR.

The reason why this video has been created was not to disrespect the French, French Canadians are great people. Being Italian we are part of the five Latin European countries from which we all know they are Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania and of course France.  However this video was created to point out some our views on the life that we Montréalers go through. It is well known that both the allophones and Anglophones are minority and are being oppressed here amongst the francophone in this province of Quebec.  

Law 101 was created by the  Parti Quebecois in 1977 to protect the French language since French is the minority here in Canada, also law 101 was put in place to please and to quiet down the French separatist from the sovereignty movement which it never did. However there are bad points about Law 101. For instance for the newly arrived immigrants, they were forced out of their will to go to French school. As a matter of fact students who spoke English in the French school corridors were told not to speak English but to speak French and were also thought not to like English, this was all done as part of ethnic cleansing.  Also the students were never and are never thought about how the war of 1812 was so important. The war of 1812 was between the United States and the British Empire, ad the British lost that war Canada would belong to America and Quebec would look a lot like New Orleans Louisiana, only French street names. Canada is good to the French because it protects the French language and the French minorities around Canada. Speaking of minorities the and the ethnics, to get more votes for sovereignty they allowed immigrants to immigrate to Quebec from countries such as Haiti and other French countries but on the last Referendum in 1995, it backfired because many of the immigrant respect Canada as a country!

OLF is the office de la langue francais, the OLF is run by the Quebec government. So since the OLF is runned by the Quebec Government you guessed it, the language police are getting paid through us by taxing the Anglophone and allophones of Quebec and everyone else. Which is a slap in the face to us all. Now you want to know what is so wrong with the OLF? Here is why. They take on downtown Montreal streets with a ruler to measure and make sure that all
the French signs stand out more the than the English signs. Law 101 states that’s French signs must be bigger than the English signs. Another example if there is no English at all those stores are ok but if the signs are in English only because they are American merchants such as Future Shop and Best buy, then those stores will be handed a fine. Pauline Marois of Le Parti Quebecois wants to make this language law even stronger, she wants Anglophones and allophones to only
speak one language and that is French with each other at the workplace when the employees are not French. If they are caught speaking anything other than French, then that store will receive a fine and I have witnessed this first hand. Yes it’s not just the speaking part but if you send e-mails to your colleagues, those letters must be written in French. This just makes it more harder to live here in Quebec because we still have to contend with the fact that if we are looking for a job, those company see you have an Anglophone and allophone last name or have an accent, chances are will not get the job. Unless if the company is an equal employment opportunity company you stand a chance of landing a job, they have to show they aren't a francophone only company.  Law 101 has done more harm to Quebec more in particular Montreal then anything else, it has force many francophone and allophone youth to leave this province, leaving us with just the elders. Rest assured francophone with or without Law 101 French isn’t going anywhere. There is no need to fear many people here in Montreal view English as a foreign language, like it’s from another planet. While they worry about losing their French and separating from the rest of Canada, without focusing Quebec will keep losing all their resources.

As for the protesting and rioting of the 2012 Quebec students. I believe in protesting, we have a right to speak up and no one should take that away from us. However rioting is a different story, when you break something someone has to pay to get it fixed. Yes the insurance companies pay, all that company does is just get their insurance policies highered, this raising the prices of their products to pay off the higher insurance and in the end we the clients are the ones to pay. Getting back to the protest when looking at the protest all you saw was the Quebec and the Patriot flags, normally when you see the patriot flags don’t expect to see Canadian flags. Unfortunately it’s like mixing water and oil, sure there were Anglophones and allophones amongst the crowd. Does that mean that those Anglophones and allophones are proud Canadian? I don’t know most likely not. Does this mean that all protesters are rioters no, sure there are a group of individual call agent provocateurs who tags along with the protesters and riot. It is known through reports that agent provocateurs are insiders that are paid off by both politicians and the police forces. They do this to cause havoc and put fear into people, if this is the case all the politicians, media and police as we know it are corrupted because they knew what was going on. Then the big question is just who do we trust? Both the Parti Libéral du Québec and Coalitions Avenir Quebec will not scrap law 101 and the OLF. We all know the P.Q hates Montreal, there should be a Montreal Provincial Parti for the interest of Montréalers?  since Montreal is very different from the rest of Quebec with all the multicultural!! If the P.Q does get elected we could face another referendum on sovereignty, then should Montreal stay part of Canada? Quebecers shouldn’t forget about the small francophone minorities outside Quebec. I asked many separatist why should Quebec separate from Canada and I never did get a valid answer, in fact I never did get an answer and I am still waiting. Or is it because they don’t have any answers, they don’t know why they want to separate, that’s brainwashed at its best.  As for the Queen many of us Canadian don’t support her.  All I know is that we should all respect one another and look at the points in common, try and make the best of things. Me being the trilingual person that I am I know I am not the best in writing letters
as you can see but I just had to say what I feel, this one is from my heart and I hope to speak for everyone!!