Sunday, February 9, 2014

MnRTV Live Show Project Blue Beam - NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN

What is this Project Blue Beam that from time to time seems to pop up hear and there. Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that claims that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a New World Order, via a technologically-simulated Second Coming.” You have the choice to believe it or not. If it is just fiction or plain and pure reality or just the truth, We will gather the evidence that will project Blue beam actually be used to fake an alien invasion or even more devilish fake The Second Coming of Christ? Is there a secret plan by the New World Order? Join us this Wed night on MnRTV Live Youtube Link will be up 15 min before the show begins! Tune in this Wednesday if you can at 7:30pm Eastern time, that’s 4:30pm Pacific for another MnRTV live show also feel free to have your say on the chat. All you got to do is play the video just above the chat on Wednesday, enjoy!!! Another MnRTV live show banned in some contries :(

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